Shopping Bulletin Boards

Setting up a shop in the classroom is a great way to teach the concept of money. Children learn the appropriate social graces that go with buying from a shopkeeper. Play money is easy to make or purchase.

To allow for a counter, this display is L shaped.The desks are covered with blue material. A cash register is set up with play money on the right hand side.There is room for the shopkeepers and customers.

A scale is added to weigh fruit and vegetables. Cardboard shelves sit on the desk and are propped against the back wall so they don't fall down.

A children's trolley is added with plastic food. Suitable posters of fruit and vegetables are displayed on the back wall.

The heading, "Let's Go Shopping" is added to the display. Individual letters have been cut out and arranged to produce the effect of movement.

This is a shop set up in a Prep room. It includes a hatstand with hats and boxes of shoes.Shopping bags are also hanging on display ready to be used in role play.

Post Office

A Post Office is set up when children are learning about what people's jobs entail. This is in a Year 2 classroom.

A big refridgerator box has been cut out and painted red and black. Children have a chair, a desk, telephone etc inside the box which has only 3 sides.

On a nearby table, packages, parcels, envelopes and writing material are available for the children to use. Postcards are laminated and can be written on and used again.Students can practise writing addresses on these. When children have finished writing their letters, they post them in the red letterbox and a mailman puts them in the red bag and delivers them to each child.

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