School Spirit Signs

Many schools in Queensland have school signs out the front when they display messages. These messages can be changed as frequently as they need to. Sometimes a local business can sponsor the sign, thus advertising its product. Quotes and sayings help define the school's values. Messages help remind parents about up coming events.

Inspirational Sayings

9 Tenths of Education

Oxley State School's motto is "Success through effort" This quote speaks to parents and the general public about education.


Children are made readers

Both sides of the school sign can be used for a message. Alternatively black and red lettering, makes this message easy to read.

Develop a Passion

Sherwood State School's motto is "Aim Higher!" Sayings have to be short enough in length to fit on the four lines. "Develop a passion for learning and you will never cease to grow."

Great Teaching

This notice board is sponsored by the student council. "Great teaching, Great learning, Great School!"

Important Notices

Important notices to the parent body can be reinforced on a school sign.

Happy Easter

Reminders of pupil free days at the start of term can be expressed by letting the parents know when school resumes.

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