Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas

In Qld, Children attend Preschool when they are 5 years old. It is the year prior to them starting a more formal education which starts in Year 1. Usually Preschool rooms are much larger than classrooms and many interesting areas can be set up like home corner for dressing up, collage tables for independent art work, a science corner etc. You can see all the Preschool bulletin board ideas if you scroll down the page.

These colorful letters of the alphabet have been painted by Preschool children. Each child had one letter to paint.

The backgrounds are also painted so children are learning to use all the space provided.

The letters are lower case as this is what they start off learning.

Children learn at an early age what happens when you mix colors. Sometimes this happens accidentally as they paint and sometimes the teacher introduces this concept.

This color mixing experiment is done by children using eyedrops and watered down paint.

The background of this backdrop is blue and 2 shades of green which gives it depth! A white fence is in the foreground. This display is set up in home corner.

The children have made a rainbow using rectangles of the seven colors. They have overlapped the pieces as they glued it on.

The leaves of the tree have been made from the shape of hands. Three different shades of green have been used.

Children have drawn a picture of themselves in black pencil and then cut around it. Placing them on the fence keeps them all together.

The very talented teacher aide in this Preschool room, has painted a door on a sheet of calico. This covers up where the children's lockers and bags are.

Houses have been colored in and cut out from a copy of a Black Line Master. The front part of each house lifts up to reveal a drawing of each child's family.

Let's Go Fly a Kite...

Diamond shaped kites have been painted by the Preschool children and crepe paper tails have been added. The kites look wonderful hanging around the open window of the kitchen.

Silhouettes of each child have been cut out of black cardboard and make a striking display. An overhead projector shines light across the child who is facing sidewards. The shadow that forms becomes the child's profile and is drawn around to include the details. Teachers have cut these shapes out.

Guessing who is who is a lot of fun for the students and visiting adults. The display underneath the silhouettes is a simple drawing of each child's family, backed on black cardboard. This compliments the black silhouettes above.

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A stain glass window effect has been made with these delightful butterflies. If you don't have pre-cut butterfly shapes, the teacher aid or parents can cut them out. The butterfly can be folded in half to reduce the amount of the cutting. Children choose different colors of the cellophane paper to glue over the holes.

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

The story of the Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carl is depicted under the painted butterfly shapes. Painted caterpillars on painted leaves are glued on black backgrounds.
A fish tank holds some silkworm cocoons. Next to that are books on this subject along with suitable posters.

Our Artistic Design Process

The Preschool Children used clay to model their creations. The hessian background to the title adds to the overall aesthetics. Backing the childrens stories on brown paper also compliments this. Photos are used to enhance the process that has taken place. The clay creations are displayed on the shelf directly below. The bible verse reflects this schools focus and helps the children as well as parents see the overall picture.

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