Mini Beasts

Children love mini-beast bulletin boards.Decorating your classroom for Mini-beasts or insects does not have to be limited to a back wall. Utilize such space as ceilings, windows, corners and anywhere you can find to bring your display to life. Of course the children will love collecting all sorts of mini-beasts and insects so be prepared. These creatures could be dead or alive! Have some magnifying glasses ready and a few bug catchers for lunch time play.

Start by covering your bulletin board with blue paper for sky and brown paper for ground. Using desks against the back wall, pin a piece of blue hessian to make a pond. The rest of the desks are draped in brown hessian. Spider web material and a string of spiders create another dimension.

Students art work is added week by week butterflies, caterpillars, frogs and creatures made from rocks.

Add some paper plate Ladybirds.

Ladybirds and other creatures can be added around the whiteboard and other places in the classroom.

3 fold notice boards can be added to the display for Open Night.

Art work can include Dragonflies and Butterflies that hang from the ceiling.Their wings are made from clear cellophane.

Cooking- decorating biscuits with bugs using various lollies.


Caterpillar using coloured pom poms.

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