Farm Bulletin Board Ideas

Using the same background colours as her last theme, blue on top, green on the bottom, this year 1 teacher has adapted it for her farm theme. A scare crow is a focal point, painted with the addition of tufts of straw and white gloves. Pigs and corn are in the foreground.

The yellow chickens are roosting on a fence. They are three dimensional using yellow and orange cardboard. the roosters strut below them.

The black crows are painted black and orange with the wings made from the children's handprints.

The scarecrows are hanging against the windows with their legs dangling in the breeze. The reinforce the song 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.' Once again the tufts of straw are a nice touch.

The title for this backdrop on farms has been made from cutting out letters from patchwork wrapping paper. The grass below has been fringed at the top and contains the appropriate site words for the unit the Year Ones are learning about Speech bubbles are used for each animals 'Quack," said the duck. These help the students learn about correct punctuation at an early age.

There little piggies are made by using pink plasticine.

These two cows have been made by the teacher aide out of hard cardboard. The baby guard rail makes an effective fence and the live grass is added for affect. Propped in a corner of the room, it can be used for role-play where the children can pretend to get milk from the cow's udder.

The 2 fat pink pigs are made in a similar fashion with a puddle of mud for each one. Theme words on farms are added to the scenario.

The teacher in this class has just made a very simple scarecrow using a broom, an old shirt, a straw hat and rubber gloves for hands. This display added interest to the classroom and again promotes language extension through dramatic play.

Mud, mud, glorious mud! The children have cut out their pigs from an outline and colored them in. The mud puddles were created by the children using brown paint and various methods: pouring paint on and sloshing it about like real pigs would do!

The teacher has pulled apart the contents of a story 'The Farm Concert' to display on her backwall. The story lends itself to animal noises and introduces the children to speaking marks at an early age.

The students spend time matching the flash card to the correct picture and reading the story through. The colorful chooks are listening to the concert!

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