Classroom Planning Ideas

Teaching a class can be difficult. The following classroom planning tips will help your class run more smoothly. This initial organization will take time, but will benefit you greatly in the long run. If your children know where to find things easily, managing the class is a lot easier. Some ideas are so simple, but they are effective. Give it a go what have you got to lose?

This is easy to make and can be folded easily for storage. I find my Year two's like to use it for puppet shows, cubbies etc if I'm not using it.

You need 3 pieces of extra strong cardboard. Cover this on both sides with coloured cardboard that has been laminated.I use green on one side, red on the other, for Christmas.

You need a good, strong material tape to secure the 3 pieces together. Make sure you leave room between each piece of hard cardboard so it will fold easily and not be stiff.

Instead of using coloured paper or cardboard for a background, why not use material? These bright pieces were from Ikea.

Instead of the children shaving their own coloured pencils, store each colour in a separate tin. Have a tin for the blunt pencils which can be sharpened at another time. This is less disruptive for the classroom.

Clear labels are important. Colour co-ordinating them can be helpful.

Book Covers - It is much easier to identify certain books eg Science, if all the covers are decorated with a similar theme.

Children are able to locate the correct book in their desk more easily."Take out your Science book, the one that is orange and purple."

Good classroom planning involves children knowing exactly which activities they are allowed to do when they have finished their work.Having it on a chart at eye height is useful.

Teacher-made classroom stories inspire children to read. Each child can contribute to them. It makes them feel like real authors. Children can be rostered on to take them home. This way, not only do parents get to see what they are doing in class, parents get an idea of how well their child is performing compared to their peers.

These Problem/Solution cards were laminated so the children can write on them and they can be used over and over. The Prep children were learning about Inventions. Later they will make use of them in Story Writing.

Layout of desks in a classroom is vital and is something which needs to be planned. Much will depend on the space available.

Four colours, using black borders allows the teacher to display several subjects/topics at one time.

Plastic ziplock bags come in handy for all sorts of things and they come in various sizes and colours.

A simple way to hang artwork without using pegs that may ruin the piece of work.

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