Book Bulletin Board Ideas

Here are some book bulletin board ideas that will help you display your work. Good literature should be introduced at a young age. Reading aloud to children is so important. Picture books these days, are not only for the younger grades. Making bulletin boards for novels, brings the book to life as novels often have limited illustrations. Book Reviews can be written and illustrated by each student and added to the book bulletin board display. Also check out Library Bulletin Boards!

The Silver Sword This novel is suitable for 11 and 12 year olds and was written by Ian Serraillier. The theme is War.

The Lion Witch and Wardrobe
The castle was drawn, using an overhead projection. The children then painted on it.

On the left are the poems written on snowflakes (paper lace doilies). On the right are castles and knights drawn by the children.

Island of the Blue Dolphin The bushcraft display shows some of the things the main character had to endure whilst living on an Island. The palm tree branches add to the island effect.

Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley

The children have used various materials to make the two main characters from this book. The book won the prize in 2008's book week competition. Year 12 students acted out the story as part of the Book Week festivities on the Junior Campus.

Miss Frizzle's Bus

Brown Bear

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?
I see _____________.

A popular rhyming story where children can change the second line. Split pin are used to attach the bears' arms and legs to make them movable.

The dog was drawn by the reader and painted by the students. It was then cut around and vocab words added below being displayed on the bookshelf.

Batty Business
Toni Risson is a local author who lives in Ipswich. Batty Business is her second children's book. Black bats make good shapes for displays. The bats hanging from the trees look realistic.






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