Australian Bulletin Boards

The following pages are on Australian bulletin boards. AUSTRALIA- What a great country! Australia is a very diverse country with a wide array of colours in its flora and fauna and its contrasting landforms and weather. Australia has green rainforests, beautiful beaches and hot sandy deserts. As well as this, it also has areas of snow throughout winter.The new Australian Curriculum is endeavouring to incorporate much more of Australia's first land owners, our aboriginal ancestors.Australia is a multi-cultural country and celebrates many different customs.

Postcards from around Australia

Aboriginal Art Paintings using dot patterns

Using bark off the gum trees

Australian Animals

Australian flora - using crumpled crepe paper
Uluru - using crumpled crepe paper

The emu was made using small squares of colourful paper on a black background. Pipecleaners are also used.
The koalas were made using fringed crepe paper.

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