Social Studies Bulletin Boards

Social Studies bulletin boards need a place in the classroom too. Social Studies is the study of Society and Environment. At present, Australian schools call this subject S.O.S.E. The purpose of this subject is to help students develop the ability to make reasoned and informed decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society.In this subject children learn about families, rules, countries and places around the world and in the upper grades, government.Displays in the classroom will enhance this subject.


Multiculturalism is often a topic covered in most years of the Primary School. Some schools will have a Multiculturalism Day where the children can dress up and do activities centered around various countries of the world. Often trying out food from other countries is the highlight. Guest speakers can be invited along to give first-hand knowledge of a particular country.



Egypt is a popular country to study. The pyramids, mummification process and camels make it an interesting theme. Mask making contributes to a colourful display. The theme also lends itself to a dress up and activities centered day.


Communication is a Social Studies topic covered in Year 4. A time line showing the history of communication has been displayed on this back wall. The children have chosen a date to write about and illustrate which particular form of communication was invented at this time. The students have also been given a letter to decorate.



Cockatoo Island is a Social Studies unit that I experienced through my son. He was totally involved in the learning process and was excited enough to talk about it at home. (Isn't that what we want our kids to do?!) The children painted an island for their backdrop and using a straw, showed where their bird lived on this island.

The children had to design and make their chosen bird and also draw a picture of it.


Medieval themes hold a lot of interest in upper Primary Grades. The Middle Ages is explored in Year 6 in Queensland schools. Children this age are fascinated with knights in armour and castles with secret dungeons. Students can design their own coat of arms which makes an effective display. 3D castles can be made and interesting stories can be written.


War is a topic that Year 7's look at. These war sunsets make an effective display. They are the colours yellow, black, blue and red. Next to this display are the students' Cinquair poems on War.


Landforms are studied by children aged 8. Art work can enhance this topic.


Natural Resources is studied in Year 5. Natural resources are compared with Capital and Human Resources.

A trip to the Coke Factory is always popular.


Where would you be in Social Studies without a world map? This class has painted their own! They have also painted a map of Australia with postcards on display in various towns and cities.


Children like hearing about interesting stories on the news or in the newspaper. A flexible teacher will use these stories for a multitude of learning experiences.


Families is a theme covered in the lower Primary Grades, mainly in Prep and Year 1. Children that age love to talk about their families and draw pictures of them. It is a good way of showing that all families are different.


Occupations is a Social Studies topic taught in Year 2. It's a wonderful opportunity to invite Mums, Dads, grandparents or other community members into the class to talk about their job. Children also love dressing up and role-playing occupations.


Favourite Places is another Year 2 unit. Children can take the digital camera with them and get someone to take their photo in their favourite place in the school grounds. This display is good for outside the class.

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