Science Bulletin Board Ideas

Here are various Science bulletin board ideas.Displays for Science are vital. Displays can reinforce concepts and scientific vocabulary. Hands-on displays are even better. Children can interact with what they are learning about. The more fun children have learning scientific concepts, the better. Some interactive displays may need supervision. This is so especially if animals are involved. Our classroom tadpoles are getting much attention by my Grade two students. We are just hoping they will turn into frogs before the holidays!!

Endangered Species

This display was in a Year 7 Classroom. The backdrop with trees was painted by the students. The green army net had hand-made vines and animals hanging from it.

The assignments which children made were on the table below which was also covered with a different type of army net. Other assignments were pinned to the background, hanging on the ceiling and or sitting on the floor.


How effective is this sign! The lettering is made from aluminum foil and glued onto a black background. It stands out against the brick wall of the classroom.

Bugs - Year Ones learn about parts of an insect and the colour red. The body of these bugs is made from half a Styrofoam ball. Black cardboard dots are glued on the body and the children have drawn the bug's face and legs. Presented on red cardboard, and easy to read, this display is pinned against the louvers.

Night/ Day

The background of this display is blue chart paper and black chart paper pinned together to depict day and night. The year ones have made the sun from squashed crepe paper, the clouds from cotton wool and the stars from aluminum foil. The owls are hanging from a lime and have been made by weaving strips of paper. Vocab words and two poems are also a feature of this bulletin board.

The Digestive System

The grade 6 class was studying the Digestive System. The red cardboard body stands out well against the patterned background, as does the vocab words on yellow cardboard.

The Wetlands

The children helped to paint this backdrop. Animals were added as the theme developed.

Living and Non-living Things

Year 2's had to sort things they collected in the school ground. They sat around a huge piece of paper on the floor to group them before drawing on the paper. This display hung outside the classroom to show parents what the children had been learning about in Science. The photos helped depict the story.


Astronaut and Outer Space stories were written by the students and displayed on this cardboard cut-out of an astronaut.

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