Maths Bulletin Boards

Maths bulletin boards are often neglected in the classroom. Maths in the Primary School grades consist of Number, Operations, Measurement, Spacial Concepts, Chance and Data and Algebra. Problem solving is found in all these areas. Teachers sometimes forget to display their Maths work. Like all displays and bulletin boards, visual reminders are necessary for children to retain knowledge. These ideas hopefully will inspire you to create your own displays and resources for Maths.

Graphs ~ The Year Two class who produced this graph had the opportunity to demonstrate their work on Assembly.They were able to share with the other classes how they collected their data and how they converted their findings into pictorial form.

Counting in Pairs


Using frozen peas and toothpicks for spatial concepts.

Taking photographs of someone's hands make use of the tens and ones concept.

Each piece of wool is 20cm.

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